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Free Official ACT & SAT Practice Tests

Prepare for the ACT or SAT online by taking these free sample practice tests.

If you're preparing for the SAT or ACT, you'll want to take at least 4 or 5 sample practice tests. Not only will this help you solidify the concepts you're learning in a course or by self-studying, but it is one of the best ways to simulate test day. We recommend that you treat each practice test as if it were the real thing. Print out the test and make your scratch notes directly on the test, take the test in one sitting, and follow the time limits for each section to the minute. Remember, you're preparing your mind and body for the official SAT or ACT, and we promise all of that practice will pay off. Good luck!

Official ACT Practice Tests

(Answer keys are at the end of each ACT Test document)

Answer Keys For The Official ACT Prep Guide

Note: These answer keys are for the tests in The Official ACT Prep Guide. The tests themselves are available in that book and are not provided on this website. We offer these answer keys so that you may print them and have all answers on a single page.

Other Offical Practice Questions For The SAT