ACT Test Registration

To register for the ACT, most students create an online account at You must register by mail if you are younger than 13 or do not have a credit card. Information on registering by mail is available from your guidance counselor or at the ACT website.

The deadline for regular registration varies, but is typically about a month prior to the test administration. Online registration must be completed by the deadline, while mailed entries must be postmarked by the deadline. Students who miss the regular registration may still enroll with a late fee, provided they register about three weeks prior to the test. For students who miss this three-week late enrollment period, there is a stand-by testing option the day of the test that works on a first-come, first-serve basis. To utilize this option, you will need to pre-register; typically by the Wednesday prior to the test. You will also need to provide ACT with a photo of yourself prior to test day. For more information about ACT registration, visit the ACT website or call PowerScore at 800-545-1750. We are happy to help you with your registration questions!

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