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Funny SAT Stories

A little comic relief can lessen the seriousness of the SAT. Do you have a funny story about your studies? Was there a disastrous situation that occurred at your test center? Can you relate an eye-opening experience in your prep class? Tell your story here. Include your name and your city and state, and we'll publish the best submissions below.

"One of the girls at my test center starting crying really loud during one of the math sections. She was sitting close to me, but the whole room could hear her. When the teacher went over to ask her what was wrong she said she forgot her calculator. She ran from the room and we could hear her crying all the way down the hall. She never did come back."
—Jon D.

"We played a fun game in my SAT class where we had to think of a word to go into the blank for a [sentence completion] question. Some of the questions were funny and some were real SAT questions. One of the funny ones was 'If Michael Jackson joined the Spice Girls, his name would be ________ Spice.' Someone in the class said 'Plastic Spice.' It was funny but maybe you had to be there."
Caitlin F.—

"You know how they let you stand up and stretch for 60 seconds during one of the breaks [during the test]? When we did that, some kid in the class pulled down the shorts of the kid in front of him. I felt bad for him. He was wearing boxers but he was still embarrassed."
Amy D.—

"I was so nervous I threw up. On my test."