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Sure, online courses have many benefits like fewer classroom distractions and a lack of commuting hassles, but let's be honest—the real reason you love these classes is that you can take them in your pajamas, right? With the PowerScore SAT Live Online Course, you'll receive top notch instruction that's both convenient and remarkably effective.

What is a live online class? In this course, instructors and students log into their computers at the same time, but instead of using a whiteboard at the front of the classroom, the teacher uses an online whiteboard on your computer screen to deliver course content and answer questions posed by you and your fellow students through instant messenger. It's real-time instruction from the comfort of home!

When you sign up for a PowerScore Live Online SAT Course,
here's what you'll get:

24 hours of real-time online instruction

The SAT Live Online Course is made up of eight live lessons, each of which is three hours long for a total of 24 hours of interactive, expert-led training. This course is identical to the instructional component of our live Full-Length Course, so it is the ideal choice for students who want to avoid the time constraints and hassles of actually going to class or for students who may not live near a city where we offer a course at a physical location. Read More

Once you sign up for one of our Live Online courses, you'll log into the virtual classroom at the designated meeting times each week. Lessons last for three hours with a short break in the middle. During the lesson, the instructor presents concepts and sample problems from your course book on the online whiteboard; any questions that you or your peers have appear in an instant messenger window for the instructor to answer. Sound intriguing? Check out a previously-recorded Live Online course for free to see how interactive and dynamic this course really is.

All of the lessons are accompanied by a homework assignment. We know, we know. You hate homework. And you have a history test and a basketball game and a committee meeting and a zillion other things to do all by the end of the week. But, hundreds of years of educational research has proven that you must practice the skills taught in order to master them. So if you truly want to increase your SAT score, you'll welcome the homework using real questions from The Official SAT Study Guide. The more exposure you have to real test questions, the better you will do on test day. For more information about what we cover in class and in homework, check out our Live Online SAT Course Syllabus tab at the top of this page.

The Live Online course is available worldwide to English-speaking students.

Archived recordings of your class sessions

We record and save every class so you never have to miss a thing. These archived lessons are available 24/7 for you to revisit as often as you need to gain full mastery of the content! Read More

Imagine if you could rewind Monday's Algebra II lecture to review Symbolic Functions just before the test. It would make studying so much easier and help you review concepts that were especially troublesome. Missed a class? Not to worry; the entire archive is saved and waiting for you. Having trouble with a specific concept? Launch the recording and replay the discussion until it's crystal clear. PowerScore's Live Online course provides this powerful advantage to students who are serious about studying for the SAT.

A 150 point score increase guarantee

We are so sure that our course is the best online option that we promise your score will improve by at least 150 points. If your official post-course results do not meet our guarantee, you can take the class again for free. Read More

Of course, you must log in for the duration of all lessons, take all practice tests, and complete the required homework. We wish the only requirement to success was hanging out on your computer or mobile device, but mastering the SAT requires persistence and hard work; perfect virtual attendance and completed homework prove that you are as dedicated to score improvement as we are.

Additionally, if you manage to attain a perfect score on a College Board-administered SAT, we'll award you with a $1000 scholarship!

Brilliant 95th percentile instructors

You know that kid at your school who received a near perfect score on the SAT? The one that all the teachers, parents, and students are talking about? Yep, him. Or her. Either way, their future self is who will be teaching your SAT course, because we require all of our instructors to score better than at least 95% of other test takers on an officially administered exam. Who better to teach you how to master the SAT than someone who has already destroyed it? Read More

But wait—the kid with the near perfect SAT score has never uttered a single word in school and had a panic attack before an oral presentation in English class last year. You definitely don't want this shrinking violet to be your teacher! Well, neither do we. While a 95th percentile score may win an applicant an interview with PowerScore, it definitely does not guarantee them a job. We only hire the most energetic and enthusiastic candidates who demonstrate exemplary teaching skills. And what's more, we only bring an instructor into the Live Online arena after they've established a proven teaching record in our physical classrooms, so you can be sure your instructor is a dynamic and qualified teacher.

Superior course books and real test questions

The course comes with over 1500 pages of material in two training guides: our course book, which corresponds with the content covered in all eight lessons, and The Official SAT Study Guide—the only book available with real questions—which we use in our homework and practice tests. It's a comprehensive package that provides everything you need to ace the SAT! Read More

The Course Book was created by our same curriculum developer who wrote The PowerScore SAT Bible Trilogy, which was named the Best SAT Prep Book by This means you can be confident that our training materials are easy to understand and contain time saving tips for tackling common SAT question archetypes. To keep classes interesting, each lesson in the Course Book is divided into two subject areas: Math and Verbal. The instructor will guide you through a new concept, such as Symbolic Functions in Math or Vocabulary in Context in Reading, and then allow you time to complete an accompanying problem set to help you apply what you've learned.

The single most important SAT preparation book is the only one with real test questions: The Official SAT Study Guide. Luckily, it's included with any live PowerScore course because we know how valuable it is. The book includes ten practice tests, divided into a pre-course test, practice tests taken as homework, and post-course or independent study practice tests.

Access to our Online Student Center

The Online Student Center is like a VIP room for our favorite students. And once you enroll in a Live Online course, you get exclusive access to it around the clock. This mass collection of SAT resources includes quizzes, flash cards, scoring templates, problem sets, and so much more, and it's yours to explore for up to two SAT administrations after the completion of the course. Read More

Upon enrollment, you will have immediate access to the Online Student Center, where you will find some pre-course reading to be completed prior to the start of the class. You will also be directed to take a pre-course test under timed conditions. After the course, you can access the Online Student Center to collect homework assignments, print supplemental handouts, proctor a test, find parent resources, and much more! The Online Student Center is an integral part of completing your SAT preparation.

First-rate support after class

We know your questions don't always end when you log out of a lesson. That's why we offer the Email Assistance Program, where our instructors are always accessible by email to help you with any questions from class or from the homework. Read More

If you have any questions about the material from the course book, the Official SAT Study Guide, or the online supplements, simply submit them by email and one of our senior instructors will guide you to a solution. We are also happy to help with general questions regarding colleges and the admissions process. Once again, PowerScore offers up a course component that is digital, practical, and convenient; it's ultimate SAT preparation for today's busy student—or the student who just likes spending time in pajamas.

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" This really helped me figure out what I did wrong the last time I took the test. I am more confident in my abilities to do well on this test now. "
Jillian Fletcher
"So far I have really enjoyed the online sat course. I think that the instructor and book have made a boring subject very interesting. I also think that I have already learned a lot about the SAT and believe my scores are going to really increase. "
Jenelle Serex
"The PowerScore class was excellent and (my instructors) were great instructors. The class was well organized, kept me dedicated and provided everything I needed to know for my upcoming test."
Russell Hansen
"Jon is really great and so thorough in his explanations that I immediately understand everything that I didn't quite understand the first time I took the SAT!"
Rachel M.
"I believe overall that this class has helped me gain a better understanding on the SAT and I really feel prepared to take the test. The instructor presented all the information in a clear way."
Mike H.
San Diego, CA
"PowerScore helped me feel so much more prepared for the SATs. I know the tricks the College Board likes to throw at us and the steps I should take when approaching each section. I would totally recommend this to my friends!"
Audrey M.
Randolph, NJ
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