If you are like most students, the Reading sections of the ACT and the SAT are the most challenging aspect of the tests. So it's essential that you study with the most authoritative, comprehensive, and practical guide on the market: The PowerScore ACT and SAT Reading Bible.

Most ACT and SAT prep books superficially cover all sections of a single test; they may address the Reading section in as few as 20 pages in order to accommodate Math, Writing, Science, and fabricated practice tests. The PowerScore ACT and SAT Reading Bible, on the other hand, is a comprehensive guide that dedicates over 400 pages to helping students exclusively raise their Reading scores. Designed to assist the resolute student taking a single test or the multi-tasking test taker attempting both tests, this book thoroughly examines how the test makers assess reading fundamentals and teaches you how to target the right answers and avoid the wrong ones. You won't find another resource with more material or more definitive methods for improving ACT and SAT Reading scores.

Prepare for the SAT® with the only book that features practice tests created by the test maker. It's packed with the information you need to get ready for the exam. You'll gain valuable experience by taking 8 practice tests and receiving estimated scores. With over 1300 pages and 21 chapters, the book helps you raise your confidence by reviewing concepts, test-taking approaches, and focused sets of practice questions.


This set of flash cards contains the most essential vocabulary for SAT success; it contains two decks, the Top 100 Sentence Completion words and the Top 100 Reading Comprehension words. These 200 words should be the foundation of your vocabulary preparation, as you are sure to encounter a large majority of them throughout your SAT study and testing experience. In addition to a standard definition, each card uses the word in a sentence and offers common word forms, antonym forms, and related words to help you increase retainability and strengthen memorization skills. Use these portable and compact flash cards in class, on the bus, at home, or anywhere you go! 200 cards.


The PowerScore standard silent timer is perfect for practice. Large display - 3/4 inch digits - Completely Silent! - Built in memory - Magnetic back clip and easel stand - AAA battery included Tested and preferred by PowerScore. Valid for practice use only. Not officially approved for in-test use.