PowerScore's SAT Secrets - $49

If you have found your way to the PowerScore SAT Secrets page, we're betting you don't have enough hours in the day to check your Instagram feed, let alone attend an SAT course. In fact, right now you're wishing we would hurry with our description of this 5-hour on-demand course because you have places to be.

Here's what you'll get if you choose this completely on-demand highlights course:

An explanation and review of the most important strategies for commonly-occurring concepts and test questions

PowerScore's SAT Secrets pulls the most relevant tips, tricks, and content from our longer full-length course to help students quickly learn how to effectively attack the test. Read More

The SAT tests a finite number of concepts. This means that the test makers follow consistent, predictable patterns when constructing the test, and our SAT Secrets course presents the most common test material and the ideal solution strategies for mastering those types of questions. For example, did you know that you only need a single side length to determine the other two side lengths of a triangle with angle measurements of 30°, 60°, and 90°? And that your odds of encountering one of these “30°:60°:90°” questions on your test are greater than 50%? You'll learn to make quick work of tough questions like these and other commonly-occurring concepts.

Immediate access to three distinct modules—one each for Math, Reading, and Writing—totaling over five hours of instruction

This online course contains three pre-recorded components, one for each tested area of the SAT, so that you know what to expect on every section. Read More

In all you will receive over five hours of instruction on the inside information that can most easily boost your score. Students who struggle with a specific content area, such as Reading, can watch the corresponding module again and again until they are certain they understand the strategies needed to defeat that portion of the test. It's individualized study in a convenient format available 24/7.

Instruction from one of our top rated senior educators

The course is taught by Jon Denning, one of our most experienced instructors and course developers. He achieved a 99th percentile score on his own SAT, meaning he scored higher than 99% of the other test takers. Jon knows how this test works, and he's taught thousands of students like you exactly how to master the SAT. Read More

Don't tell him we said so, but he really is one of the best instructors at PowerScore, and—dare we say it?—he's likely one of the best SAT instructors in the world. We receive requests from all over the country asking Jon to come teach custom SAT courses at high schools. He's charismatic, enthusiastic, and really, really smart. You won't be disappointed and you may even find that the five hours are actually enjoyable.

A full six months of unlimited viewing

Once you sign up for the SAT Secrets course, you'll receive continued access to the course for six months! Read More

Experts believe that most of us lose about 90% of what we learn immediately after we learn it. It's startling, isn't it? One tip they have for retaining what you learn is to employ repetition. The more times you reread, rewrite, or re-listen, the more information you retain. So learning the tips and tricks in PowerScore's SAT Secrets should be easy, since you can technically re-watch the course 864 times in the six-month window you are given after enrollment. We're just kidding—a little, anyway. But you can watch the course as many times as you need in order to feel comfortable with the strategies you'll need to beat the SAT.

"My instructor was great! She really made a difference in my understanding and she sincerely cared about the students. I definitely feel a lot more prepared. I know what to expect and have reduced apprehension. Thanks!"
Tyler Williams
Hilton Head, SC
"PowerScore gives students effective tips and shortcuts towards answering the SAT math problems with basic logic that some of my school textbooks did not even show me! "
Destiny Jackson
SAT Full-Length Course Student
"The instructor made class fun and I looked forward to going to classes. Small class size made a more comfortable learning atmosphere!"
Alison H.
Los Angeles, CA
"The class really helped a ton. I would highly recommend this course to any fellow students. It wasn't even hard to pay attention, slightly entertaining, and full of learning!"
Nate E.
Los Angeles, CA
"I believe that this class has helped me so much, making me understand what and how to study, and showing me new techniques to help. I highly recommend this program and I highly enjoyed the class myself!"
Taylor F.
San Francisco, CA
"The course definitely familiarized me with the SAT, and I felt a million times more confident going into the SAT with Powerscore's training than I did going into previous SAT tests that I had not prepared for. Thanks!"
Karina S.
New York, NY
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