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Length 01:44:48

LSAT Podcast Episode 18: The June 2019 LSAT Deconstructed

In Episode 18, Jon and Dave bid farewell to the last-ever paper test with a deep dive into the just-released June 2019 LSAT. Section by section, they deconstruct the exam, running through LR's most notable features and their favorite questions, analyzing all four RC passages and the highlights (and lowlights) of each, and finally providing a thorough breakdown of every Logic Game, guiding you through the trickiest rules, key inferences, and most intriguing problems. Spoilers ahead!

Episode Timestamps:

0:00 to 4:12: Intro

4:12 to 16:23: This week in the LSAT world

16:23 to 25:27: June 2019 LSAT general impressions

25:27 to 36:24: Logical Reasoning Section I analysis

36:24 to 58:20: Logical Reasoning Section II analysis

58:20 to 1:16:28: Reading Comprehension analysis

1:16:28 to 1:40:14: Logic Games analysis

1:40:14 to 1:42:20: Scale analysis

1:42:20 to 1:44:06: Public June 2019 test release date info

1:44:06: Outro