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GRE Prep

Flexible options to help you succeed.

With online, in-person, and acclerated course options available, you can choose the format and schedule that’s right for you!

Live Online

Live Instruction, Interactive Platform

  • Lessons take place in an online classroom
  • Review recordings of each lesson
  • Available worldwide
  • Payment Plans Available
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Math only - $495 | Verbal only - $495

In Person

Face-to-Face Instruction

  • 30 lecture hours
  • In person in select cities
  • Meets over 1-2 months
  • Payment Plans Available
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Shorter Schedule, Smaller Budget

  • Fast-paced, condensed
  • Available in person or live online
  • 16 hours of class time+ post-course study tools

Whichever course you choose, you’ll prepare with:


Expert instructors


Comprehensive Course Materials


Extensive Online Resources


Expert Out-of-Class Assistance

"I think the way the course is structured is the best I've seen. Most prep classes/books have one large section of combined review of all the relevant math concepts and then a lump quantitative practice. I love how the Powerscore book is divided up and how relevant practice questions follow each presented concept. My instructor was great at explaining that the GRE is not testing your math knowledge, but rather your quantitative reasoning knowledge through the lens of math. I like his focus on solving questions efficiently--and differently than we were taught in high school. He has really changed the way I look at this test. I am really impressed with the course as a whole."

Ellie Adair

"It's so efficient and effective to study with a class having other students and instructor push you through it and understand the material. Our instructor was impeccably knowledgable and by providing us short-cuts for advanced questions makes the GRE seem much easier and less stressful!"

Katie Ondracek

"Our instructor gave us many useful tips that can help get through the tough mental challenges the GRE can throw your way. I took the exam the following weekend and was surprised at how well I did. She was great! Thank you!!"

Eric Opincar ,
Seattle, WA

Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions about which course is right for you, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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