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LSAT Podcast Episode 50: LSAT-Flex and the End of the World

In the PodCast’s 50th episode, Jon and Dave take a comprehensive look at LSAC’s latest response to the ongoing test date cancellations: LSAT-Flex. Specifically, they outline exactly how May’s at-home exam will work from its format to its scoring, who it’s for and how they’ll potentially benefit (including just how fair this solution is), and how law schools are responding to this unprecedented situation.

Episode Timestamps:

0:00 - Intro. Following the doom and gloom felt in the LSAT-sphere today, “The End” by The Doors drags us towards our ultimate demise 😉.

3:35 - This week in the LSAT world. Make sure to sign up for Jon & Dave’s Reading Comprehension webinar tomorrow night (4/9)! Plus, a quick convo about what LSAC’s scheduled webinar next week will/should entail.


5:17 - The details. A conversation about the timeline of the decision, who gets to take this at-home testing opportunity, when it will happen, how it will be structured, and how it will be scored.

  • What? April test canceled/May at-home test added.
  • Who? Available for anyone who was registered for the April 2020 LSAT as of April 7 is eligible, including March registrants who were moved to the April test when March was canceled.
  • When? Second half of May (tba)
  • Structure: 3 sections, same 120-180 scale.
  • How? Technical aspects: Administered through ProctorU, currently used by the GRE as well. From LSAC: “All LSAT-Flex test takers will be monitored by live remote proctors via the camera and microphone in the test takers’ computers. The video and audio feed will be recorded, and further reviewed by human reviewers and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques.”

37:39 - Fairness. How is 3 sections at home fair to those who had to take a 5 section test at a designated test center? Doesn’t this hurt good LR takers and bad LG/RC takers? What if someone doesn’t have or can’t afford a device required for the ProctorU technical specifications? What if my device freezes or I run into other technical issues in the middle of the test?

58:06 - Credibility. Will cheating be rampant? Will schools look at applicants who took this test differently? What about international test takers?  

1:10:11 - Questions moving forward. Will they implement this for June/July as well? How should you prepare for this 3 section test with the available prep material that’s currently out there? How does this affect admissions in the current cycle, specifically waitlisted students? Should I wait for a later test because law schools could potentially look down on this one?

1:24:47 - Outro.