LSAT Preparation Packages

The LSAT Bible Trilogy
The 2020 LSAT Bible Trilogy for the Digital LSAT
$194.97 $144.99
The ultimate LSAT self-preparation: These are the foundation for learning how to approach each section. This package has been updated for the new Digital LSAT!
The LSAT Trilogy Practice Pack
The LSAT Bible Trilogy Practice Pack
$314.94 $249.99
The Bible Trilogy plus the Workbooks which provide more practice drills and questions. They help cement the ideas contained in each LSAT Bible. This package has been updated for the new Digital LSAT!
The PowerScore LSAT Self-Study Pack
The LSAT Self Study Pack
$444.91 $349.99
All of the recommended PowerScore Publications in our Study Plans. The Bibles, and Workbooks, plus the Training Type books which provide extended practice for each type of question. This package has been updated for the new Digital LSAT!

LSAT Prep Guides

Our renowned LSAT Bibles provide a comprehensive system for effectively attacking each section of the LSAT and have been updated for the new Digital LSAT.

LSAT Logic Games Bible
The 2020 LSAT Logic Games Bible for the Digital LSAT
$64.99 $54.99
LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible
The 2020 LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible for the Digital LSAT
$64.99 $54.99
LSAT Reading Comprehension Bible
The 2020 LSAT Reading Comprehension Bible for the Digital LSAT
$64.99 $49.99

LSAT Workbooks

Our LSAT Bible Workbooks provide the opportunity to reinforce and practice the strategies featured in the LSAT Bibles.

Question Collections

Real questions from previously administered LSATs, categorized and grouped by question type, passage type, and game type.

Flash Cards

This set of 300 cards will allow you to review and memorize Logical Reasoning terminology, help you to develop the ability to asses various types of argumentation, and aid you in recognizing and responding to each distinct question type.

Need a plan to help you organize your studies?

We have multiple FREE study plans built around the amount of time you have remaining before the LSAT!


The PowerScore standard silent timer is perfect for practice. Large display - 3/4 inch digits - Completely silent! - Built in memory - Magnetic back clip and easel stand - AAA battery included Tested and preferred by PowerScore. Valid for practice use only. Not officially approved for in-test use.