While we are most known for our PowerScore Logic Games Bible, did you know we also have a vast array of other publications that can propel your LSAT score to new heights? Whether you're looking for more information about a specific LSAT section or question type, or want to see an LSAT explained from start to finish, we have everything you need! Not only do we have study guides written by the developers of our LSAT courses, but we also offer official LSATs from the test makers. If you plan on solely self-studying for the test, make sure to check out our free Self-Study site to read about which publications you'll need to stay on course to reach your goal score!

LSAT Preparation Packages

Collections of PowerScore's best-selling LSAT publications, providing everything you need to prepare and practice for the LSAT on your own.


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The ultimate LSAT self-preparation: All three PowerScore LSAT Bibles for one low price! Master each section of the LSAT using the industry leading concepts developed by PowerScore.


Get three PowerScore LSAT Bibles (The LSAT Logic Games Bible, The LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible, and The LSAT Reading Comprehension Bible), each focusing on a distinct section of the LSAT, and The LSAT Logic Games Bible Workbook, The LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible Workbook, and The LSAT Reading Comprehension Bible Workbook for one low price.


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These books contain the complete text of every LSAT Logic Game, every LSAT Logical Reasoning question, and every LSAT Reading Comprehension passage from LSAT PrepTests 1 through 20, sorted according to PowerScore's famous question classification system.

LSAT Prep Guides

Our renowned LSAT Bibles provide a comprehensive system for effectively attacking each section of the LSAT, and our LSAT Bible Workbooks provide the opportunity to reinforce and practice the strategies featured in the LSAT Bibles.

LSAT Question Collections

Official LSAT PrepTests

The PrepTest is an actual LSAT administered on the date indicated. You can practice as if taking an actual test by following the test-taking instructions and timing yourself.

Prep Test 78
(June 2016 LSAT)

Prep Test 77
(December 2015 LSAT)

Prep Test 76
(October 2015 LSAT)

Prep Test 75
(June 2015 LSAT)

Prep Test 74
(December 2014 LSAT)

Prep Test 73
(September 2014 LSAT)

Prep Test 72
(June 2014 LSAT)

Prep Test 71
(December 2013 LSAT)

Prep Test 70
(October 2013 LSAT)

Prep Test 69
(June 2013 LSAT)

Prep Test 68
(December 2012 LSAT)

Prep Test 67
(October 2012 LSAT)

Prep Test 66
(June 2012 LSAT)

Prep Test 65
(December 2011 LSAT)

Prep Test 64
(October 2011 LSAT)

Prep Test 63
(June 2011 LSAT)

Prep Test 62
(December 2010 LSAT)

Prep Test 61
(October 2010 LSAT)

Prep Test 60
(June 2010 LSAT)

Prep Test 59
(December 2009 LSAT)

Prep Test 58
(September 2009

Prep Test 57
(June 2009 LSAT)

Prep Test 56
(December 2008 LSAT)

Prep Test 55
(October 2008 LSAT)

Prep Test 54
(June 2008 LSAT)

Prep Test 53
(December 2007 LSAT)
Prep Test 52
(September 2007 LSAT)


The PowerScore standard silent timer is perfect for practice. Large display - 3/4 inch digits - Completely silent! - Built in memory - Magnetic back clip and easel stand - AAA battery included Tested and preferred by PowerScore. Valid for practice use only. Not officially approved for in-test use.