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The PowerScore LSAT course really prepares you for any and every type of problem set you might be faced with. I found the classroom instruction and homework quite useful and am very glad I took the course. I also had a very energetic, funny, and knowledgeable instructor who made sure we understood the various LSAT techniques and happily answered all of our queries. I will certainly recommend this course to friends who are considering taking the LSAT in the future.
Nurray Inal ,
Washington, DC
I thought this LSAT course was very effective, thoughtfully presented, and well-taught. I previously took a Princeton Review course, and found the Powerscore course to be much better. The Powerscore instructor was great and he really knew how to teach the material. The books were very thorough and I appreciated that the homework was plentiful. From our first timed practice test to the actual LSAT, I improved my score 7 points, which I was happy with. I would definitely recommend the Powerscore course to another student.
Erin Holweger ,
Denver, CO
My friend had previously taken this course and had recommended it to me, so I had high expectations going in. To my surprise, the course and the instructor exceeded my expectations by tenfold! I would definitely recommend this course to everyone who is looking for a quick way to improve their LSAT score. I applaud Powerscore on finding the best of the best instructors out there, because our experience would undoubtedly not have been the same without such a brilliant, insightful, helpful, and entertaining instructor. I will surely miss this class! Bravo Powerscore!!
Ramzia Khulmi ,
I have learned more with my PowerScore instructor these past 2 weeks than I did in the entire 2 month long TestMasters course. PowerScore is excellent and has given me great results thus far.
Jacob Zucker ,
Hofstra University
I found the full-length LSAT course very effective. The course material is easily understandable and having an outstanding instructor makes it even more enjoyable. As someone who works full-time and attended classes after a long day of work, I really appreciated the liveliness and charisma of my instructor. I was happy to leave work and come to this course that was very interactive and engaging. My score from the first LSAT practice test of the course to the last increased by double digits, and my confidence increased drastically.
Abdullah Ali ,
Los Angeles
I am so thankful that I had this course to guide my studies, keep myself on track, so thoroughly cover everything that I needed to know, and most of all keep my preparation consistent. Without doing the full length course I know I would not have prepared half as much, life just always gets too far ahead. The course takes the hardest part of preparation out, which is keeping yourself consistent and constantly motivated to make time.
Hayden Putre ,
Athens, GA
The LSAT full length course, online resource materials, and excellent support staff were essential in my LSAT preparation these past two months. My instructor taught the Powerscore method with great pacing that kept the class involved. The best thing about his instruction was that he kept a consistent energy level throughout the two months of class. There were some days I came to class exhausted from the day, but I still learned something new because my instructor was always on point. I also appreciated that, while he was extremely smart, he met me on my level of thinking to help identify strengths and weaknesses. Overall, great class and great instructor. I am very happy that I chose Powerscore.
Jamie Novotny
The PowerScore LSAT course was fantastic. My instructor was excellent, the classroom materials were very detailed and comprehensive. The online materials were very complete, the virtual class topics were helpful for a refresher on ideas covered in the past, and the large amount of practice tests and topic questions available really enhanced studying and the homework. I made use of the PowerScore forum with its detailed answers and the homework hotline is good for when you are stuck. I would highly recommend PowerScore for test preparation, I had a great experience.
Angelique Conde
My instructor was great, as was the course material. I took Testmasters and didn't absorb nearly as much as I have with Powerscore. I have been singing Powerscore praises since I began taking the course, and I still wholeheartedly believe the course is the best one out there. Thank you to all of you.
Melina Minas ,
Los Angeles
I have used materials from three of the top LSAT preparation companies, and PowerScore is without question the best. I have yet to find another company that offers such clear and concise instruction with ample sample questions and tests. Great investment.
Juliana Pyde ,
Vancouver, Canada
My instructor & Powerscore made coming to class three days a week worth it. I cannot imagine tackling this test without all of their help. The way Powerscore breaks things down makes understanding the logic of the test so much easier. Powerscore provides you with an immense amount of materials. Every time I thought I didn't understand something I could turn the page and expect a full explanation diagramming exactly what I needed to know. I never felt like the books lacked in breadth or explanation, nor did I ever feel like a topic wasn't covered to the extent that it should have been. Before I took the course I was intimidated and now I am confident in my ability to do well on this test. The Live class is so worthwhile – not only was the instructor able to coach us on the strategies of the LSAT, but she also talked me through overcoming my anxieties before the test. I will continue to recommend this course to anyone contemplating law school!
Emily Burke ,
Athens, GA
Through taking a Powerscore course, I improved my LSAT score by 10 points in only 5 weeks. My score has earned me full-tuition scholarship offers from several law schools.
Ariel Multak ,
Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ