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Highly recommend PowerScore to my friends and colleagues! Our instructor knew what she was talking about, was easy to talk to, and was always willing to give us the best and most efficient ways to approach different questions. Key points are never forgotten and are hammered home throughout the whole course. Improvement was definitely shown, and I went up 10 points from my first diagnostic to my last practice test. The Online Student Center is an AMAZING resource for the students to use especially for Logic Games and additional practice! Highly, highly recommend PowerScore, would choose it all over again if given the chance.
Gaelen Molina ,
New Brunswick, NJ
My instructor provided in-depth explanations of the course material and answered all questions in a manner that made the material understandable. The course was well structured starting with the core elements of the test first and moving into more detailed strategies based on the previous lessons. Overall I felt like I learned a lot from the course.
Kim Lawson ,
A very thorough and detailed course. I went from feeling nervous about my ability to get into a top school in my state to feeling confident I can gain entry into a top school in the country.
Peter Gibbins ,
Denver, CO
Before taking a LSAT course I studied on my own and truly thought that I understood everything I needed to know about this exam. While taking this course and after taking this course I know that I was wrong about this exam and I love every technique that I have left this class with.
Rollet Hurry ,
This course was fantastic! I took the LSAT last year without the course, and this time I was able to raise my score my 7 points to the score I wanted. Thank you so much!
Rachel Farkas ,
Los Angeles
The course was great, and I've taken other courses which do NOT even compare to PowerScore. For the first time out of 3 times I've taken the LSAT, I FINALLY understand the LSAT and I am actually excited to be taking it in a few days!!
Kelly Almonte ,
Hofstra University
PowerScore gave me the tools and structure to prepare for the LSAT. Their staff is well informed, helpful and a great resource to their students. I would definitely recommend PowerScore to anyone preparing for the LSAT.
Lisa Strejilau
So many people had recommended PowerScore to me. People I trusted, people who were in law school, people with low GPA's that needed a high LSAT score and got that high score thanks to PowerScore. There were even students in my class that had taken other prep classes, and within two PowerScore classes, they had already established that PowerScore was better than their previous prep classes. The prep strategy is phenomenal, PowerScore left no stone unturned. From the way you approach the preparation, the test, and your attitude. The online resources from the modules, to full explanations, and a plethora of practice tests and problem sets. During my atual LSAT that i took yesterday, i honestly felt my instructor with me, I felt his voice say "good job" when I sniffed out trap answers. I felt him shake his head no when i answered a question wrong, so i would go back and re-read and see the mistake i made and change it. As crazy as it may sound I felt him there with me. The last week of the class I was really able to understand why i was consistently missing "hard" questions, and my instructor was able to show me what I was overlooking. Those tips allowed me to get at least 10 more answers correct on the actual LSAT. Thanks to everyone at powerscore, i understand why you have to charge what you do for this class because the value is incredible, and I can only imagine the amount of work, research, time, energy that goes into making this the most comprehensive prep on the market. I want to thank Dave Killoran for always responding to me on twitter. For a CEO of a company, you are very reachable.
Marvin ,
Houston, TX
I exclusively used PowerScore during my LSAT preparation, and would recommend the same for anyone else who wants to earn a high score on the LSAT. Through a combination of PowerScore's full-length LSAT course and intensive self-study (with the PowerScore Logic Games and Logical Reasoning Bibles), I was able to obtain my goal score and feel completely ready to tackle law school admissions this fall. -Joe in California (170)
Joe Kurtenbach ,
San Diego, CA
I never thought I would actually look forward to heading to a 4-hour long LSAT class (especially after 9 grueling hours of work), but lo and behold, I did--thanks to my spectacular instructor and my wonderful classmates who all had me laughing throughout class. Aside from the fun, the class was also very professional and the material was extremely relevant. And the icing on the cake was that I could tell my instructor truly cared about each and every one us--we were more than just numbers or a paycheck for Her.
Bao-Ngan Ngo Mountain View, CA
Powerscore's program does two things. Firstly, it undoubtedly increases your score, because you learn tools to understand anything that the LSAC can throw at you. Secondly, and most important to me, it gives you the capacity to master the test. If you take the course, you aren't guaranteed that 170+, but if you take it and plan an attack afterwards using what you learned, it gets you where you want to be. Couldn't have done it without Powerscore.
Michael Borek ,
New York, NY
The PowerScore LSAT course really prepares you for any and every type of problem set you might be faced with. I found the classroom instruction and homework quite useful and am very glad I took the course. I also had a very energetic, funny, and knowledgeable instructor who made sure we understood the various LSAT techniques and happily answered all of our queries. I will certainly recommend this course to friends who are considering taking the LSAT in the future.
Nurray Inal ,
Washington, DC