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The PowerScore Live Online course was exactly what I needed to become immersed in the LSAT mentality and power through the test with confidence. The instructors were knowledgeable but, most importantly, they made the material come alive in a way that was fun and energizing. My score has already gone up 15 points and is still climbing as I prepare for my test. After the course, my admissions counselor helped me create a solid plan for my applications. I would highly recommend PowerScore to anyone pursuing law school.

Nicole L.

This class not only helped me achieve a better score, but also made me feel at ease about taking the test in general. The instructor helped me feel confident about test day, and cleared up any horrifying rumors we heard from other people or online about the test.

Kayla Merkel

I have no complaints about my Live Online course. I feel like I learn an overwhelming amount in each session. Each lesson not only analyzes the various questions on the LSAT, but literally breaks them down into a manageable format. The practice/homework material is endless. You definitely get what you pay for. My instructor is great. He's easy to listen to, extremely knowledgeable, encouraging, and answers questions promptly. I have no doubt in my mind that I will be prepared for the LSAT on test day.

Kayla Grant

The class and materials have been extremely helpful. I appreciate the approach of trying to help us think like the LSAT wants us to think. I believe that I am learning not only how to do well on the LSAT but also how to do well in Law School!

Danny Stockton

The thing I appreciated the most about the course was the sheer amount of additional material available to practice with. For the time and money, PowerScore compiles the most extensive and effective set of resources to master the LSAT.


I am already up 10 points from the first practice tests and know with continued practice that I can gain at least 10 more by test day. Thank you for all the available resources!

Teresa D KurynKohler

I am so glad I decided to take a PowerScore Live Online course. It is so convenient, and I feel so confident about the LSAT now that I've been prepped via PowerScore's methods. The course is thorough, and my instructor "knows his stuff" and is so willing to stop and help when we're struggling. I could not have made a better choice in terms of which LSAT prep class to choose.

Angela Cotta

I began my test prep at the beginning of August, with PowerScore's online class. In December I wrote my first LSAT. I received my score yesterday: 175. I wanted to thank you guys at PowerScore for the help and material that was provided to me. Without a doubt, the most beneficial advice was the material that dealt with mental aspects of the test. I approached the test with a clear mind, and the mindset that this test was not the most important thing in the world. And, at the end of the day, it doesn't define who I am. People are dealing with much bigger/more important issues, than a test. Acknowledging this and approaching the test with this perspective was more beneficial than any technique for assumption questions or grouping games (and those were very helpful). So again, thank you (my course instructor) and the rest of the PowerScore team!! It's nice to have the LSAT out of the way.


I had taken a review class from a competitor before the PowerScore course for the same price. PowerScore has much, much more practice material available both in the course books themselves and online. PowerScore had easily accessible explanations for each question one could encounter. For the other course, I would finish all the homework for the week the day after the course, and spend the rest of the time re-doing the same pages that I had made copies of ahead of time. But in this course, not only was there plenty of material for each course, but there was enough so that if I was grasping a concept I could move on and leave some of the questions for review at a later time. PowerScore was geared towards gaining a higher score, and the methodologies laid out from the onset had those higher scores in mind. There was much more strategy revealed early on, and every little bit helps.

Christin L.

The magnitude of information, resources, platforms, practice questions and official tests certainly facilitate a very effective approach to a focused LSAT preparation. I am certain that had I only self studied, I would not have approached LSAT prep with this much structure and completeness. Overall, excellent course. I'm hoping that this course coupled with my dedication and discipline to work on my own, will show its value when I sit the exam in September.

Rajiv Sagewan

This score helped me solidify my understanding of the concepts crucial to doing well on the LSAT. I started out at a 150 before the class, but after applying the skills learned in the Live Online class, my score jumped over 20 points on the final practice test. I would recommend this class to anyone!

Rick Ingram

I am very impressed with the quality of this course. I did a lot of research in deciding which course to take for my LSAT preparation, and I am so grateful I chose PowerScore! I would recommend this course to anyone truly interested in working on the best LSAT score possible.

Ali Boyd