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I have no complaints about my Live Online course. I feel like I learn an overwhelming amount in each session. Each lesson not only analyzes the various questions on the LSAT, but literally breaks them down into a manageable format. The practice/homework material is endless. You definitely get what you pay for. My instructor is great. He's easy to listen to, extremely knowledgeable, encouraging, and answers questions promptly. I have no doubt in my mind that I will be prepared for the LSAT on test day.

Kayla Grant

This course seriously helped me understand so much more than Princeton Review ever hoped to - I wouldn't normally spend $1000 on anything, BUT with the fantastic (if very rigorous) sessions, I felt much more confident when taking the LSAT!

Kenneth V. Farino Jr.

I was nervous about taking an online LSAT class, but I am very happy I chose the Live Online Option. It gives me the flexibility I need and the instructors are amazing and enthusiastic. I find myself actually ENJOYING studying for the LSAT — a huge feat! Thank you for offering this course. It's definitely worth every penny.

Heidi Nielson

Great course so far! Thank you so much. I previously took Kaplan, which does not even compare to the preparation PowerScore is providing. The best part so far is learning how to think like the test writers andusing that to my advantage when approaching certain aspects of the test.

Lauren Randle

I have taken an LSAT course through Kaplan and PowerScore. This PowerScore course was so much more direct and practical in the methods they it taught. Everything was so much more focused on moving efficiently and accurately through the questions on the test, and not on abstract theory. Even the materials were very practically organized in the order that I would be needing them. There was no flipping through several different 12 lb. books to find the materials I would need for one class. Thanks PowerScore, I feel a lot better about the LSAT this time around.

Kim Perez

My instructor made the test doable, he helped me to gain confidence so that I was not scared and on test day. I felt more confident than the rest of the class. I think that it was worth every penny that I paid!

Jenn Greene

The Instructors in this course were knowledgeable, helpful, and really cared about helping us get the most we could out of the course. I would encourage anyone to take the Virtual course. Having one instructor talking and another in the chat window to answer questions DURING class helped immensely. I went from a 163 on my first practice test to a 177 on my last 2 practice tests. I feel very confident about the LSAT I took even though I haven't received my score yet.

Timothy Garcia

The PowerScore LSAT course is about changing your way of thinking. It's about getting you to think like a lawyer, getting you to think the way the test wants you to think. No tricks, no gimmicks, just understanding the test.

Danny Stockton

PowerScore's Virtual LSAT prep course greatly prepared me. I didn't have much confidence regarding the LSAT until I took the PowerScore course.

Angela Cotta

Unparalleled approach to LSAT preparation. The organization of the course is concise and never leaves students guessing. It greatly increased my confidence and skill in a short period of time.

T.J. Hales

I got more out of the weekend course than I did studying alone for 4 months!!!

Melanie Evans

I would DEFINITELY recommend the PowerScore course to anyone taking the LSAT. It prepares you just enough, in just the right amount of time, to reach your maximum potential on the LSAT. Instructors are very helpful, constantly asking the class if they have any questions not only on the LSAT, but on course material, homework, law school applications, and law school in general. It was great for me to have that resource, especially since I don't know anyone else attending law school. I searched all of the LSAT Prep forums, and consistently saw that PowerScore had the highest ratings. Forums don't lie- real students who have taken PowerScore agree that it is extremely helpful in learning how to conquer this test. The lessons and homework were extremely helpful, but even more important were the practice tests and passages about mental preparation. PowerScore was right- believing in yourself is the only way you will be able to master the test, and the course gave me the confidence to do just that. Thank you!

Hali Kerr